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I like to draw and eat turkey bacon. I have 3 spazzy dogs, 1 insane cats, and a scruffy ginger man that I love dearly. I enjoy gory bloody horror movies, eccentric art and unique types of comedy. I do not take the Internet seriously, and will make little to no effort in coming off as a perfectionist of etiquette when dealing with it. That sounded pretty serious didn't it? Anyways, if you have never eaten a knish, i suggest you do so.
70's music, 80's music, a perfect circle, alanis morissette, alice krige, aliens, androgyny, android lust, animals, anthro, army of darkness, art, b-52s, baby animals, badassery, batman, bbw, bdsm, beetlejuice, being human, birds of prey, blood, blue submarine no 6., bob dylan, body modification, bruce campbell, canines, cartoons, cats don't dance, cheese, chimeras, commissions, corpses, creation, creatures, culture, cyndi lauper, david byrne, david the gnome, dead alive, demons, dinosaurs, diseases, disturbing, dogs, dominatrix, don hertzfeldt, donna boyd, dragons, evil dead, fairy tales, familyguy, fantasy, felines, flesh eating viruses, forests, fragglerock, ghosts, ginger kids, gore, grunge, guro, guts, guy pearce, halloween, hardcore vore, hellraiser, horrible things, horror, horror movies, humor, illusions, intestines, invader zim, kmfdm, leonard r.n. ashley, lioness, lions, lost, love, macabre, magic, masochism, meat, milla jovovich, monsters, morgues, muppet babies, mutts, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, nerds, nine inch nails, nostalgia, organs, otherworldly things, paganism, pain, peace, pets, phenomenons, piercings, pleasure, poetry, psychology, rats, ren and stimpy, roadtrips, robotchicken, rock, roleplaying, russell tovey, serial killers, sex, shenanigans, spiky hair, squidbillies, star trek, suffering, supernatural, surrealism, taboo, talking heads, tattoos, texas chainsaw massacre, the dog whisperer, the knife, the last unicorn, the lion king, the simpsons, therianthropy, threebrain, tits and beer, tom foolery, tool, torture, tribes, vampires, vintage goth, violence, weapons, weed, werebeasts, werewolves, wicca, witches, wolves, world of warcraft, zombies